Platform Benefits

American Park Network’s platform enhances the outdoor travel experience and creates authentic relationships between people, parks and products.

Through our visitor guides, sponsored Wi-fi, on-site events, experiential marketing programs and online and mobile planning tools, we connect with consumers by aligning with their passions to help build brand awareness and product appreciation by reaching them at point of need/desire.


With the largest circulation and media presence around national parks and their gateway communities, American Park Network helps reach travelers when they are in local markets. Combined with the millions of people that we reach during the planning phases, our platform offers a potent formula to reach travelers when we can best influence their decisions.


American Park Network can help you reach an affluent, educated audience of millions in consumers in environments where there is little or no media competition. We’ll help you reach an audience that is many times greater than that of all major league sports combined and where we have virtually 100 percent share of voice and 100 percent of their focus.


American Park Network work reaches a sweet spot of affluent, well educated consumers who travel frequently and have significant discretionary income. Our community is heavily predisposed to supporting organizations that support their pursuits and passions, particularly the great outdoors.