Strategy and Approach

Tasty Bite, maker of delicious, easy-toprepare, Indian and Asian-inspired pouchbased entrees and rice was eager to expand its awareness and sales beyond the international food aisles in grocery stores.After a recent acquisition by Mars, the brand explored channels for expansion of both consumers sales and trade relationships.

Delicious, inexpensive, and packed with nutrition, Tasty Bite products have been an under-the-radar favorite among campers and RV owners for years. They are easy to prepare, require no added water, and cost a fraction of freeze dried food, making them a great choice for consumers’ pantries, and the perfect choice to take on a  amping trip, whether you are backpacking for a weekend or crossing the country in an RV.

American Park Network developed a multi-channel program that promised to reach traveling consumers when they were making the most of parks and public lands during the summer and fall of 2020.With a resurgence of interest in camping and the outdoors, American Park Network coordinated with partner Kampgrounds of merica (KOA) to distribute samples, engage with consumers, and create content to be shared across multiple channels to reinforce

Program Highlights