The Outdoor Advantage

The world is getting more cluttered. Making connections with consumers, is getting increasingly difficult. Our mission is to create connections between consumers and marketers, by providing the former valuable resources and access and the latter 100% share of mind. American Park Network’s platform combines targeted print, digital, sponsored Wi-Fi and custom program to influence consumers when they are most open to messaging—in parks and public lands when they are on vacation.


URBAN PARKS to WILDERNESS DESTINATIONS and everywhere in between! THE ONLY HIGH-TRAFFIC, MEDIA-FREE LOCATIONS IN AMERICA! Be where your consumers are and your competitors are not.

consumer loyalty

Build consumer loyalty by delivering valuable resources when they are needed most!


Attention is the holy grail… Everything that you’re conscious of, everything you let in, everything you remember and you forget, depends on it.


Federal and state park visitation is 10 TIMES GREATER than the attendance of all major league sports combined. All of the eyeballs with none of the ‘noise’.

100% Share Of Voice

Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi delivers your message in an environment where there is no commercial messaging — parks!

Unparalleled Engagement

Wi-Fi is most sought after out-of-home amenity. Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi provides free high speed access in limited coverage areas. Brands not only get guaranteed exposure to their target consumer, they also generate brand loyalty by providing coveted connectivity.

Our Network

Our coast to coast network offers a powerful platform to reach your target audience. We connect authentically in high-density, low-noise environments (parks, beaches, campgrounds, etc.), where we’ll help your brand leave a lasting impression.


Our network of more than 1,000 hotspots allows us to target prospects in certain hotspots, geo locations or venues. We can provide additional targeting based on device, operating system, time of day, and demographics.


Our custom dashboard provides comprehensive campaign summary and reporting so you can quickly assess the impact of your campaign. Our click thru rates are among the highest in the industry—as much as 10 percent—promising that you recognize a high return on your investment.

Reach Engaged, Happy Consumers

Parks, beaches and public recreation/tourism destinations are completely free of clutter and provide direct access to your target consumers when they are in a positive frame of mind and receptive to messaging and enjoying leisure time with friends and family. .

Service Map

Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi has a national presence in the most visited parks, public lands and campgrounds, that have visitation of more than 10 million people per year. Our rapidly expanding footprint in urban, municipal, and high-trafficked destinations enable us to deliver to your audience at the right time, right place with the right message.

American Park Network’s Wi-Fi Marketing allows advertisers to launch a campaign quickly, target audience, test various calls-to-action and creative units, measure response, and evaluate metrics in real time!