Strategy and Approach

To make Toyota synonymous with the American  road trip tradition and our 
National Scenic  Byways, highlighting the joys of the road, Additional
program goals were to create both national exposure and grass-roots
connections to communities from coast-to-coast.

In order to create an authentic alignment with the great American road
trip, American Park Network forged a partnership with the National Scenic
Byway Foundation in which Toyota became the Official Automotive
Partner. This partnership became the cornerstone of an integrated
program called Love Our Byways, with print, digital, data
development/content creation, philanthropy, volunteerism and PR

An initiative was put into place to educate the public about these
wonderful roads, including a special editorial section. A proprietary online
resource was developed with practical trip-planning and historical
information about each byway. Media outreach yielded hundreds of
thousands of dollars of free earned media.

Program Highlights