Get Free Wi-Fi

How It Works

After an introductory assessment, APN will work with your IT department and park management to complete a site survey to determine the most appropriate locations for installation. From there, we’ll install all of the components to deliver Wi-Fi to both visitors and park staff.

Upon completion of the site survey, we’ll install the system… we’ll just need access to electricity (typically through a light post) that will power our access points. Before the system is live, we’ll restrict access to any sites that aren’t family friendly. We’ll provide bimonthly reports that track usage patterns that can be invaluable for a wide range of departmental issues from resources scheduling to security.

Bring Wi-Fi To Your Parks

Free public Wi-Fi is the top most requested service in parks today. With more than half of American’s owning smart mobile devices, the demand continues to increase daily. Access to complimentary Wi-Fi is one of the top factor in determining leisure travel time and people will not visit if they cannot get online. For partners who meet installation requirements, American Park Network provides free turnkey service to design, build and your Wi-Fi Network.

Site Specifications

  • Large Sites
  • American Park Network offers free public wi-fi systems to qualified parks. Qualified parks generally have the following traits:

    -More than 500,000 total visitors annually
    -An area or areas where there is a high concentration of pedestrian traffic where visitors are likely to congregate (e.g. visitor center, beach, playground, concession building)
    -Access to electricity and infrastructure to mount equipment

  • Small Sites
  • For smaller parks and community centers that do not meet our qualifications for free public wi-fi systems, we can offer low-cost, turn-key systems (site survey, specifications, equipment installation, monitoring, maintenance & user interface/coding). We also offer revenue sharing if you’d like us to bring sponsors to bear, much like we do on a national level.

Benefits of Wi-Fi

Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi™ is installed and maintained for FREE in qualifying, high-traffic parks, beaches and tourist attractions. The program provides many benefits including:


A digital portal for education—visitors can read timely information, or download mobile applications, maps and more.


Wi-Fi empowers you to target messaging to park visitors to encourage repeat visitation, promote park usage/event attendance, embrace healthier lifestyles, etc.

Equal Access

Provide internet access for underserved communities.

Reduce Costs

Save money on printing! Digital content, such as trail maps, schedules and education materials, pose significant cost savings.

Site Monitor

An operational tool to monitor visitation patterns (e.g., schedule security, maintenance, staffing based on timing of peak visitation)

Gather Data

Real-time traffic counts and other visitor information.

Generate Revenue

Create potential to generate additional revenue or support operating costs through public/private partnerships


What is provided and is it free?

American Park Network will provide all of the hardware, software, user experience design and customization, and system monitoring and maintenance. For qualified sites, all of the above is provided to the park/municipality for free.

What are your responsibilities?

Of course, you’ll want to provide input on the site design, so we put the transmitters in the spots that maximize utility to visitors. We’ll then need access to the site for installation/service, electricity (Wi-Fi routers use about as much power as a light bulb) and a data line. You’ll be asked to help generate awareness and promote the system in your community. We’ll provide weather-proof “Free Wi-Fi” signs that are compliant with all park and applicable government regulations for you to post within designate hotspots.

Who provides service and for how long?

Our standard agreement guarantees an initial term of five years, with extensions granted based on mutually agreed upon performance levels. We are 100% responsible for network maintenance and functionality during that period.

Who performs the system installation and are we covered?

We will oversee the installation of the system from start to finish using our internal team or a licensed, local subcontractor. All installation specialists are fully insured and will meet any other requirements you have.

How long does a typical system installation require?

Installation is typically one to two days.

Where will you install the hardware?

We’ll perform a site survey to identify the areas where demand for connectivity is likely highest. Once we’ve collaboratively identified the best locations to maximize the visitor benefit, we typically mount the transmitters on existing infrastructure—light poles, buildings, parking structures, etc. — that have access to power and are, ideally, 15’ off the ground.

Do i need to cover the entire site?

Providing specific coverage areas typically creates the best solution for most sites. The ideal locations are where there’s a high concentration of pedestrian traffic and where people are likely to stay for a while, such as a visitor center, beach, playground, day-use or concession area.

What’s the range of wi-fi?

Carrier-grade, commercial Wi-Fi has a limited range, typically no more than several hundred feet. We can extend the range significantly by adding multiple transmitters (commonly known as access points or APs), linked together to form a continuous “mesh” network.

Is there a cost to us?

With the exception of electricity and a broadband connection, all services are provided for free to qualified partners.

Is there a cost to users?

No! (Please note that our system provides flexibility to add and process fees, as well as limit session time, duration, data use and quantity. However, we believe that access to connectivity should be a free service.)

How are you able to provide this service for free?

Our systems are primarily supported by park-appropriate sponsors. In addition, communications service providers may utilize our systems to extend/enhance coverage.

Why do we need wi-fi if there’s cell coverage?

Simple, Wi-Fi is free and cellular data plans are expensive. Recent research shows that:
28% of cellular customers pay overages for exceeding their data plans
Roughly 70% of mobile users are interested in moving to Wi-Fi-only plans.
90% of tablets are Wi-Fi-only and can’t access cellular networks.

My Park Is Remote And Our Local Internet Service Provider (Isp) says no connection is available. Is there still a solution?

Yes! There are multiple options to provide internet access, both wired and wireless. (We’ve used satellite broadband successfully in many parks.) Each has discrete advantages. Let’s discuss!

My park/municipality already has as internet line. Can you use that circuit or do we need to bring a new one?

Yes, we can absolutely use an existing circuit! As long as there is sufficient bandwidth.

Is the shared line secure?

Yes! We set up a V-LAN [Virtual Local Area Network] for you. VLANing provides secure isolation of one set of data from another. It is well established, used by all major corporations and provides the same security as physical isolation.

How else is the network secured?

We secure all of our networks using WPA2 encryption. The full system loop is anonymous and data transferred is encrypted. We also have/follow these security protocols/abilities:
• 802.11x network access control for user-based authentication
• MAC blacklisting/whitelisting capacity
• Virtual network isolation with multiple SSIDs or VLANs
• Wireless Intrusion Prevention with automatic containment of rogue SSIDs
• User authentication against customer on-premises
• RADIUS or Active Directory server
• No Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI) network storage

Can i block access to certain websites?

Yes! We appreciate that parks offer safe, family-centric environments and aim to perpetuate that digitally. For that reason, we filter generally objectionable content (i.e. adult-themed content). We’ll work with you, as the host, to customize our filter sets to include any sites deemed inappropriate.

Can i use the system to support our initiatives/back-office?

Of course! We designed our user experience so that you’re able to publish content that is important to your constituents on the landing page. You can also highlight your own initiatives and/or local sponsors.

How can we use wi-fi as a park information portal?

We work with our park partners to customize the user experience, so you can include links to any content you’d like to share with your visitors.

What information will be collected from users accessing the internet? Who will that information be shared with?

We do not collect personally identifiable user information unless mutually agreed upon for specific initiatives. The following lists the background transmitted data that is available to network managers, park officials (and others as permitted) for view/analysis.
• Specific device MAC address (unique, anonymous identifier)
• Manufacturer and operating system (OS) by device
• Event log entries for the client (sites, data, duration)
• Packet capture for all traffic (effectively, where on the network the client went)

What is the average uptime and how do you address outages?

We strive to ensure that visitors have access whenever they visit and have a network uptime (excluding ISP outages) that exceeds 98%. Our guest authentication rate exceeds 99%, and fewer than 1% of authentications require support services. We resolve 90% of non-outage support requests on the first call. Network outages do occur and we are committed to resolve them as soon as possible. We resolve 90% of network case resolutions within 36 hours. While outages from equipment failure are rare, we typically resolve them within 96 hours, including technician dispatch, approvals, and equipment shipping.