Product sampling has been around for as long as the have and continue to be one of the most cost effective and impactful way to introduce consumers to products. According to a study by Opinion Research Group, 81 percent of consumers agree that they would buy a product if they received a sample and liked it. American Park Network’s outdoor sampling practice places products in consumers’ hands and minds in locations where they are most receptive to trial and most open to new things. Samples can be distributed across multiple channels—direct to consumer, in room and co-packaged in welcome kits.

Enhanced Sampling

American Park Network’s enhanced sampling adds another level of impact and intelligence to our programs by delivering real-time analytics and consumer feedback. It’s like conducting an in-field focus group. Our unique process places unique variable IDs on individual samples that track distribution progress and give recipients the opportunity to share their immediate feedback by giving them an opportunity to win experiences thru in-market partners who provide complementary exposure.