Our Team

American Park Network is made up of team of innovative marketers who are committed to parks and public lands. We are thinkers, tinkerers and weekend warriors. We are wildlife and data watchers, we scale the highest peaks charts, spelunk the depths of marketing plans. We use our intimate knowledge of the outdoors to connect with the largest untapped audience of consumers in the country

Executive Team

Mark Saferstein

To Mark, parks are sanctuaries in which to blend with nature and escape from the bright lights and loud sounds of the city. Okay, sometimes they’re also great places to go for a ride!

Alex Frenkel

Alex has loved parks for his whole life… He still has more questions than answers. He still has his junior ranger badges and his Sleepy Bear membership card.

Joel Saferstein

Joel still is a kid at heart and still loves to go fast, although he has admitted slowed down to raise his two sons who love the great outdoors (but only when the sun’s out).