Strategy and Approach

To connect with families through sampling and experiential
engagement in points of nature
. An additional program goal was to
further align Nature Valley to America’s parks by promoting the More Trails
initiative, which funded improvements and enhanced access to more than
10,000 miles of trails.

Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars are the perfect addition to any trip to a
national park whether you are hiking to the top of Cadillac Mountain in
Acadia or among the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon. American Park Network
launched a national park takeover so that the Nature Valley would have a
pervasive presence in those communities. In addition to providing
samples, American Park Network developed Nature Valley Base
Camps—branded gear caches at hotels and in campgrounds where guests
could check out outdoor equipment—hiking poles, binoculars, cooler
backpacks, headlights—that would make it easier for them to get out of the
cars and onto trails. At the same time, we leveraged our hotel-and
lodge-based distribution network to provide Nature Valley Crunchy
samples to guests at check-in or in-rooms, for use during their stays.

Program Highlights