Strategy and Approach

Allstate wanted to make authentic connections with boat owners while
they were actively using their boats and deliver safety messaging that get
them to think about their insurance coverage. Reaching boat owners
efficiently is a challenge—there’s limited connectivity on or near water—no
television, no terrestrial radio, no billboards, and limited internet.

American Park Network formed an exclusive partnership with the US
Army Corps of Engineers USACE—the world’s largest public engineering,
design, and construction management agency and the nation’s largest
provider of outdoor recreation, operating more than 2,500 recreation

areas at 463 projects (primarily lakes). The USACE hosts about 360
million visits a year across its facilities, many of which are leased to state
and local park and recreation authorities or private interests. American
Park Network partnered with the USACE to implement an
Allstate-sponsored Safe Boating program that reached boat owners when
they were visiting marinas generally and as they were backing their boats
into lakes on boat ramps.

Program Highlights